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赤い猫「HALU・ハル」と青い鳥「SOLA・ソラ」のイラストです。赤い猫なんて存在しないかも知れない、でもいるかも知れない。猫と鳥は仲良くなれるのかな? 出来ないと思うことも信じれば出来るかも知れない、そんなメッセージを込めて虹とともに描いています。明るくて温かい太陽のような「HALU」と空を自由に飛び回れる「SOLA」の世界で少しでも癒やされて貰えたら嬉しいです。
A red cat "HALU" and a blue bird "SOLA". They're close friends. You might think that there isn't a cat in red in this world and also might think that cats and birds wouldn't get along well...but if you believe them, you might be able to see a such world. There's a message that it's possible, if you believe it. There's a rainbow. This contains a wish for peace as well.
A black cat "Noma" is cheerful and free spirited. Noma's most attractive feature is yellow eyes, whiskers in orange and a bow tie in blue. Noma is often dancing, surprised and crying...this cat is a such expressive cat.
LINEスタンプ販売中/Noma's LINE stamps are on sale.
A black cat "Noha" is in the world in both black and pink. These illustrations are painted with water color. Noha always stares at you and might watch you over or wait and see or look at the things you do.
There are a lot of drawings and paintings. The theme of the drawings and paintings are various kind of things. I painted them on the computer.
Handmade items with my illustrations are on sale online.(Calendars, stickers e.t.c.)
《My next years(2022) calendar is on sale online.》
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Items with my illustrations are on sale online.(T-shirts, bags e.t.c.)
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・My name is nino(ニノ).
・An illustrator and an artist.
water paintings,
oil color pensoles,
Apple computers, Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator
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